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John LincolnJohn Lincoln

    For what it’s worth. If the canopy did come open there is a very easy fix. I know because this has happened to me. (Note that this was on my check list of before take off things to do but because it was a contest and we ended up in a hurry I missed it.) When this happened I yawed the glider such that the relative wind pushed the canopy closed. This happened in a Standard Cirrus, so I used my free left hand to latch the canopy. Of course you have to also do EXACTLY what Don Grillo says you MUST do, which is fly the AIRCRAFT!!!!!!!! Also like Don says if you cannot see the towplane release, RELEASE, RELEASE!!!!!! One final note I will add here. I don’t do my pre-takeoff check list once. I usually do it 3 or 4 times. I do this so that if something happens on takeoff (and things have happened) when I run through my check list again in my head I can remember that I did check the items on the list. What ever the issue is it wasn’t an issue at the start of the takeoff roll. John Lincoln