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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Please read the following Zoom meeting instructions before attempting to log into the membership meeting at 7:00 PM today (April 21, 2020).

Sky Soaring Members Meeting Etiquette:

  • Please keep your microphone muted at all times.
  • If you’d like to speak, please raise your virtual hand. You do that by clicking on “Participants” at the bottom of the Zoom frame, and then clicking on “Raise Hand” in the Participant pop-up. As soon as possible, you will be invited to unmute your mic.
  • Meeting starts at 7:00 and will be locked at 7:00 PM. Please log in well before 7:00 PM.
  • If you’ve never used Zoom before please log into the meeting at least 30 minutes before meeting start time. That will give us time to work out any issues you may have.
  • The meeting is more social for everyone if you keep your webcam on. Please plan on using your webcam.

Logging Into Zoom:

  • You will be emailed a meeting invitation one hour before the meeting begins. There will be a log-in link in the invitation email. Click on it to join the meeting. You may do that immediately upon receiving the invitation.
  • If you experience problems logging in or connecting your webcam or microphone email me at and give me your telephone number. I’ll call you.
  • Zoom works fine on iPhones and Android phones but it’s more functional, from a social perspective, to use a laptop or a desktop computer. If you use a phone, consider ear buds that have a built-in mic.
  • If you use a laptop, the computer’s built-in mic and speakers should be fine, but for best results, use a headset with a mic.
  • If you use a desktop, it’s best to use a headset with a mic, otherwise there is a tendency for external speakers to create a disturbing sound feedback effect for other attendees. Also, the desktop should have a webcam.
  • It’s also possible to simply call into the meeting on a telephone and not use any video at all. To do that, use one of the call-in numbers listed in the meeting invitation which will be emailed to you one hour before the meeting starts. If you’re using your phone to log in, you will be prompted for the meeting ID which will also be listed in the invitation. No password will be required.
  • To log into the zoom meeting, simply click on the meeting link in the email invitation.
  • For a first time user, Zoom usually does all the work for you by automatically initializing plug-in’s or whatever it needs depending on your machine. If you are prompted for permission for Zoom to do something, please reply “YES”. If you reply no, then Zoom won’t work properly for you.

Setting your mic and webcam:

  • The first thing you want to do after entering the meeting is turn on your webcam (if it’s not already on) and to mute your mic (if it’s not already muted). Both mic and camera controls are on the bottom left corner of the Zoom frame. Click on the mic or webcam control icon to turn them on or off.
  • If you have a complex hardware configuration where you have multiple attached speaker systems or multiple mics you may need to manually tell Zoom what hardware you want to use. That’s easy to do. Simply click on the up arrow next to the mic icon or next to the camera icon on the bottom left of the Zoom frame. Select your preferred hardware. You can then test it if you wish.
  • If you experience any mic or camera problems, please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxxHurd

.Screen View Options:

  • As with all Windows-like apps, you can maximize the frame size (going into full-screen mode) by clicking on the icon at the top right corner of the frame.
  • There are two Zoom screen views: Gallery view and Speaker (The view control as on the top right corner of the Zoom frame. It may be hidden behind a small floating video rectangle. If there is a rectangular video frame hovering near the top right corner of the Zoom frame, then drag and drop it somewhere else and you’ll see the view controls.) For small meetings of 15 or less attendees, I recommend you select gallery view. Speaker view is good for meetings of more than 15 people because it maximizes the video image of the person speaking. If you’re in gallery view, the video frame of the speaker is highlighted in a yellow border.
  • At any time while you’re in a Zoom meeting you may lose sight of the meeting because another window over-lays it or because you inadvertently minimized the Zoom frame. It’s easy to fix that. One method is to minimize all non-Zoom windows that may be open. Eventually you’ll see the Zoom meeting video rectangle floating on your screen somewhere. Click on the “exit minimized video” control at the right bottom corner of the video rectangle. Alternatively, I believe Macs display a green Zoom meeting icon at the bottom of the screen. If it’s there, then click on it to return to maximum size.

How To Leave a Zoom Meeting:

  • Click on the “End Meeting” command located at the bottom right corner of the Zoom frame.