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For smart and brave Corona baster!! Buy  working light 17$ at ACE ,or home Depod ,or harbor fright .Must be fluorescent, 13 watt only. remove fluorescent bulb.   BUY 13Watt UV-C  From eby Grain  the tong of the bulb ,Cut opening on shield,layer with aluminum foil .  It generates 254 nm UVC rays to kill bacteria and viruses in aquarium, kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, etc. Warning!! Do not look directly to light ,use protective glass (sun glass ok ) do not expose to your skin more then 25 sec,Hand face etc  WARNING:
UV-C LIGHT has an intense burning effect on human skin and can quickly damage your eyes.  Do not expose your skin or eyes to an unprotected UV-C light.
Tech info: After grind tong on the new uv-c bulb,secure new bulb in socket with RTV,and tooth pick.Be careful when installing new  the bulb in socket sometimes when alignment is off contact in socket  is pushed out.Check by power lamp,if filament is glowing you are ok. To start the lamp switch power on, wait  10 sek to 2 minute ,when beautiful blue light com on ,enjoy! one more solution from eby!UV Sterilizer Sanatizer Bulb, Ballast and Holder 13w 120v | eBay

work light

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