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Tim PonsotTim Ponsot

    I’ve been giving this some serious thought per Larry’s last email. Are the risks relatively low? Yes they are. The likelihood of infecting someone in a spread-out rural environment is relatively small. The sample size of those infected in downtown Chicago is still vanishingly small.

    On the other hand, the majority of you are over the age of 60. That increases the lethality of this virus substantially though we don’t yet have enough data to say precisely how or why.

    Healthy aeronautical decision making will help you determine what constitutes an acceptable risk for you personally.

    I have no qualms about giving any of you one on one instruction in coming weeks. I would suggest to record the material presented in large membership or instructors’ meetings to eliminate the pressure an individual might feel to be in a large group if they don’t feel comfortable. That way those who do want to come can start the flying season unimpeded while those who don’t can review the material independently, then debrief the topics individually with an instructor.