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Don GrilloDon Grillo

    Hello Sky Soaring members,

    I will still be in Florida and unable to attend the spring safety meeting on March 21st.  🙁

    The winter months without any flying makes us all a little rusty and it’s normal for us to forget things.  When we get a little rusty it takes us time to get back into the normal flow, follow proper procedures that make for a safe operation on the field.  With that in mind, I would like to recommend that we all take some time to review the Sky Soaring Policy and Procedures Manual.  It contains important safety information about field operations.

    I also recommend that each of us take the Wing Runner course that is available online at

    At the end of the course and when you pass the short quiz, you will be awarded a Certificate that you can print out. Bring that Certificate with you to the safety meeting, then place it in your personal folder in the Sky Soaring office.

    For our Tow Pilots, I recommend taking the Tow Pilot Course located here:

    Do the same thing after passing the quiz. Print your Certificate and place it in your folder in the office.

    Also, for our tow pilots, Sky Soaring has a new Tow Pilots Guide.  It is required reading for all our tow pilots. You will find the Tow Pilots Guide here: 

    Lets have a great fun and safe season of soaring in 2020.

    Don Grillo