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Greg and any others. I use thimble and eye splices but I don’t make them myself. I use braided line and the splices are more than I wish to tackle so I buy pre-spliced line. In the boating industry there are many “generally used sizes” of mooring pendants and I easily find one for my use. That said,  I saw Mark Mallamo giving instruction on making eye splices this last summer in dyneema or spectra line. There are instructions on line for most all types of line. Finally the only difference real between “eye splices” and “thimble splices” is that the thimble splice is an eye splice that is made small and tight enough to hold a metal “thimble” in it. The thimble allows the use of steel connectors with a “soft” line. I am not advocating the use of line over straps, just using something made for and strong enough for our intended use. John Lincoln