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Don GrilloDon Grillo

    Last week when we did the annual inspection on the tow plane, we added a link to the tow rope release handle so there is now a longer pull to release the tow hook.  We also added a bungee to the handle to make it a little harder to pull the release.  This should help stop the pre mature release and loss of the tow rope.

    Denny wrote:
    An idea concerning the c182’s towline release. During tow-pilot training 8-11-18, its noticed that the release lever will trigger at a very short pull from its forward stop.  With small effort, the hook opens.  (& Lever very close to elevator trim, and a wrist-hit might trigger after the glider has gone.)

    Maybe a short rubber bungee ( similar to glider battery bungee) could be rigged to keep lever forward,  against the stop?

    Yes, ….some added pressure needed for the emergency release.