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Rich WalendaRich Walenda


    Others may also write some news about today but here are the highlights:

    15 flights, Petr had a 2 hr, 29 minute flight.  Daniel “The No Radio DJ” had 3 flights in the seasonally appropriate “Pumpkin”. Towing by Mr. Grillo and Mr. Weck.  CFI work by Grillo and Weck.

    As Uncle Rich was flying with Uncle Petr’s family member/guest we discovered an unauthorized 3rd passenger in the cockpit.  After peaceful negotiations failed for the 3rd passenger to sit and enjoy the flight with the unauthorized passenger becoming belligerent it was neutralized in flight.  (Note to all:  check for wasps nesting in the gliders.)

    Pilots today were Daniel Spencer, Petr, Lawrence, Kees, Rich, Dave Winters, Art, John Lincoln, Brad and Don Grillo.  John Lincoln had a 1 hour 10 minute flight.  GSOs were Art, Rich, and John O.  Mark R. and Maria handled flight log duties.

    If anyone has more to add for this “maybe final flying day for the season” please do so.

    The PW-5 was put away into its trailer and the cradles for the other gliders were brought down.

    All student pilots who need to log assembly and disassembly for gliders need to assist disassembling at least 1 glider this fall.  Be sure to have a CFI or AGI note that activity in your log. The assembly of a glider to include the installation of glider wings and tail surfaces is classified as operations functions
    not preventative maintenance. This information can be found in Amendment 43-27, published in 52 FR 17276, May 6, 1987 which is an amendment to 14 CFR part 43.

    Have a Happy Halloween!