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John LincolnJohn Lincoln

    And now Good Evening sports fans! If you have been following the weather like myself or waiting for me to post something you have probably noticed the precipitation that has darkened my afternoon. SkySight has noticed. First the forecast winds are up to 9 to 10 knots still out of the se. The thermals are now down to 2.7 knots and only go to 2990′ agl. And at 2990′ agl the winds are 17 to 20 knots mostly out of the south. Now no Cu’s. And when I look at the radar map of Illinois there is a low due south of us that’s barely moving. So put it all together and I am going to stay home and finish the mowing that the rain stopped me from doing today, provided it isn’t raining tomorrow. Sorry if I got your hopes up. I hope there will be one more nice day for soaring, but time is getting short. John Lincoln