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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa
    Larry – Thanks for the report. We now have all of our instructors “checked out” which is something we implemented just this year. It is part of an effort for all the instructors to work closely together to provide the best coordinated instruction.

    I have a few comments about yesterday’s operation – some simple advice but one critical.

    We are doing a better job of clearing the active runway as quickly as we can. Before the golf cart shows up it is important to try to rotate the glider’s wings parallel to the runway or pull/push the glider off the runway. Pretty easy for the 2-33, not so much for the Krosno.
    There are several ways to sign up for a flight. The simplest is to use the signup sheet when you arrive at the field adding what you would like to do (fun, XC, training, etc). The GSO should help to get everyone on the list a chance to fly.
    We had some good flights yesterday for this time of the year – high altitudes and of long duration. If people are waiting it is OK for those on the ground to use our radios to ask those in the air when they are planning to land. At the one (1) hour mark those in the air should be proactive and call “is anyone waiting?”. Long duration, and cross country flights, should be limited to single place ships.
    Lastly, I witnessed an argument yesterday. This is NEVER appropriate at our club. A calm and polite conversation to resolve an issue is always best. Raised voices can quickly become destructive. It simply will not be tolerated for the long term good of our club. Members may loose their membership for being repeatedly disruptive.
    If you have an issue that needs resolution please bring it to the board of directors attention at
    “See something, Say something”
    John H DeRosa
    President, Sky Soaring Board of Directors

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    New topic posted by Larry Kase. Thursday Success, In General Discussion forum.

    Strong lift conditions today at SSI. Top of the lift was 8300msl. Lawrence Nicolae set a PR, over 2 hrs in Stars & Stripes. Baker and Mallamo completed their Spring checkout. I gave Mark a multiple malfunction approach, altimeter inop, spoiler inop. He completed it with an accuracy landing in the Krasno.
    Will Robertson got in a couple of flights in the 2-33.
    Many thanks to John Scott for providing the tows.
    Larry Kase

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