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Don GrilloDon Grillo

    Denny and Karl, thanks for the follow up questions. Note that the checklists in this thread are for the Sky Soaring club ships. These are standard Schweizer checklists that have been used for decades and are in all club ships. Club CFIG’s use and teach this checklist. By using a standard Challenge and Response for each checklist item, everyone on board will understand what is being checked.

    Many private ship owners will create there own checklist that fits the equipment on there glider. Karls CBSWIFTCBE checkist is used by many as well.
    The moral of the story, no matter what checklist you use, is it should be a Challenge and a Response related to the item being checked.

    Denny, the Radio Call is one of those items that hasn’t been incorporated in the Before Takeoff and Landing checklists. It has to be mentally remembered. Usually a Preflight Radio check is done to be sure you can communicate with the towplane. The landing radio call is to announce your intention to land.