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    Ground School for March 13th!


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    You have asked us to notify you when a webinar is scheduled that meets your criteria. The following webinar may be of interest to you:

    “Glider Topic of the Month – WINGS”
    Topic: Proficiency, Safety & WINGS – How to Excel As a Pilot. Specific to Glider Operations.
    On Monday, March 13, 2023 at 20:00 Eastern Daylight Time (17:00 PDT; 18:00 MDT; 19:00 CDT; 14:00 HST; 16:00 AKDT; 17:00 Arizona; Tuesday, March 14, 2023 00:00 GMT)

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    A FAASTeam webinar covering the General Aviation Joint Steering Committee (GAJSC) Topic of the Month (TOM) tailored specifically for the Glider Community.

    Proficiency training is so beneficial to aviation safety that it is required of most professional pilots. Proficiency training is also beneficial to general aviation pilots as well. Studies have shown that pilots who participate in regular proficiency training are much less likely to experience accidents.

    We will cover why annual proficiency training is so essential to safe soaring and how the FAASTeam can be utilized. In addition, we will cover nuances of the program, benefits for Glider Authorized Instructors, benefits for your soaring club and most importantly, You!

    Learn some tips, tricks, details and what you may find in the future.

    To view further details and registration information for this webinar, click here.

    The sponsor for this seminar is: New Egnland FAASTeam

    The following credit(s) are available for the WINGS/AMT Programs:

    Basic Knowledge 3 – 1 Credit

    Click here to view the WINGS help page

    Earn your WINGS to get a chance to win a prize. Go to for more info. Join us on Facebook:

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