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John LincolnJohn Lincoln

    Lincoln here. I attended the webinar last night. It was instructive. I found a few things I was happy were pointed out. For me transition training should be about what you need to do and know to be certain that you are able to safely assemble, move, FLY and dissemble the sailplane in question. There was information on the above subjects but not enough in my opinion. There was a lot of discussion of FAR’s. I, personally, don’t think FAR’s help in transitioning from one sailplane to another. I noticed that in the transition phase the most accidents happened because of pilot errors in the flying phase of flight. I’m certainly no expert but I have transitioned into 17 different sailplanes from the SGS 2-22 to the Nimbus 3. For me the biggest emphasis needs to be on flying first and assembly second. I have a protocol that I use and will continue to use. I wish the webinar had spent more time emphasizing thinking about the flying phase and then assembly phase of a transition. That’s where most of the accidents happen so that’s where I would have put the emphasis. Steve, these are my opinions and comments. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.