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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa


    We have had quite a few club ship land-outs over the years, I have been on 5+ myself.
    A required part of every glider pilot’s
    training is to take part in assembling or disassembling a glider –
    typically during early spring and late fall work. It is important and a very instructive event. No one can know how to do this on every known glider but the types of metal gliders that
    we own has a common set of steps, bolts, pins, and types
    of connections. We also have the assembly manual for reference.
    What occurs is that we gather up a bucket of assorted tools, straps, padding, etc. Then a group of members form up a party to go the site of the landing. It most often happens the same day, but once or twice had to wait for the next day. Every time someone had a hitch on their vehicle plus we have every size of adapter/ball in the radio room. If we don’t have the exact trailer for the glider you will be surprised how a “general” trailer can work for the short trip home given enough straps, padding and such. The collective member knowledge is the key element. Plus NOT dropping any parts in the dirt/grass (a blanket helps)!
    The event may not go quickly, and much sweat will be expended, but every single time the end result is that the glider arrives back at the field. Again, a very instructive event.
    John H DeRosa


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