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Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

    Tuesday recap. A surprise visit from a long time member (and his beautiful Cub) Charlie Kalvoda stopped in for a chat. Great to see Charlie and hopefully he will be around more next year.

    11 flights today. Greg P flew a friend, JimBob flew a friend, Andy kept the Pumpkin up for 45 mins, Laurence also 45 mins in PW-5, I managed 56 mins in 1-26 (tried to fly the Racetrack but just not bold enough to press on the Walpole. Griffin flew Pumpkin for 34 mins. Was that your longest glider flight so far? Petr felt his 1:05 wasn’t enough so his second flight was 2:42. Mark climbed out of the Pawnee long enough to fly PW-5 for 1:28. Thanks to Mark and John S for the tows today.