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John LincolnJohn Lincoln

    A comment on Sunday. Nick and John Osborn had nice flights. Greg Tomczyk flew too and maybe some others. I don’t know because I was flying. It turned out to be quite nice. From 12:45 till about 4 the lift was 2 to 4 knots. The clouds were ok indicators. After 4 it got quite a bit better lift 4 to 8 knots. The top for me was 6900 which was cloud base. Lots of heavies and many down low. I saw one at 3500 AGL and several at 4000 to 4500 AGL. Kept my eyes peeled. There was one cloud street in particular I remember that went from Huntly H.S. to Lake Geneva. I flew on it without making a single turn at 5300 AGL the whole way (28 miles). I visited Darian, Aero Lake, Lake Geneva and Sycamore among other spots. Total distance flown was 205 miles. I was up for 6:17. Thanks to Nick for running my wing, a good job and to Don Grillo for a good tow as well. And thanks to Greg Tomczyk and the other member whose name I can’t remember for waiting for me to land. That was very nice as well. John Lincoln