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Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

    <h1>Scoring Sky Soaring tasks</h1>
    <h2>Completed Sky Soaring Racetrack Sky Soaring in 0:37:55</h2>
    <h3>40.2 km scored flight distance at 34.3 kt
    Handicap speed: 40.2 kt [Beta]
    Completed one racetrack circuit</h3>

    • Hit Sky Soaring at 18:46:40
    • Hit Walpole at 19:04:24
    • Hit Funny Farm IL at 19:13:29
    • Hit Phyllis at 19:18:58
    • Hit Sky Soaring at 19:24:36

    <h3>Flight passed within 2.0 km of the following waypoints</h3>

    • 18:30:52 to 18:46:44 near: Sky Soaring
    • 19:04:20 to 19:05:25 near: Walpole
    • 19:13:29 to 19:16:37 near: Funny Farm IL
    • 19:18:55 to 19:20:13 near: Phyllis
    • 19:24:36 to 19:32:42 near: Sky Soaring

    <h3>Other Flight Info</h3>

    • Take off detected at 18:30:52 UTC
    • Off tow detected at 18:36:24 UTC
    • Take off pressure altitude is 776.5 ft raw
    • Altitude correction is -105.4 ft
    • Glider type: SGS 1-34R, handicap: 1.17 [Beta]
    • Glider ID: N1130S
    • Pilot: Steven Snyder
    • Flight date: 2022-06-02

    Done scoring 2022-06-02-XNA-637CACB92310CAD5-01.igc

    Thank you for using the Proving Grounds scoring system

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    Place the word “handicap” in the subject line to get a copy of the handicap file

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