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Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

    Saturday recap:

    Started out with the club meeting. Attendance was good for a cold morning. After that several projects and tasks were addressed. For example, the 1-34 trailer was pulled out and prep work began on making it ready and road worthy for any possible retrieves. In addition, the 1-34 was assembled and tied down outside. Also the PW-5 was assembled and is now stored in the hanger. Work was done to prepare the Pumpkin wings prior to painting. The plan is to take them over to the shop Monday of next week. Let see, what else. Yes, despite the cold and wind 7 flights were launched. New members Joe, Vince and Will all took flights. Paul returned and is practicing to re-solo soon. And Vince’s cousin received a guest flight as well. Thanks to Gary, Don and Tim for instructing and John S for towing. We also welcome back former member Mo who is looking forward to resuming his flight training. Was there more? For sure but details escape me.