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Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

    Todays flight was Racetrack. Based on Sky Sight’s forecast for Saturday I set the weather as close as I could.

    Winds 314 @10kt. Cloud base 4800ft. Thermals strong. Temp 53f Dew point 32f.

    Glider 1-26E

    Total flight time 1:07.54 Task timeĀ  55.06

    Condor Soaring Simulator Flight

    Completed Sky Soaring Racetrack Sky Soaring in 0:43:30

    45.1 km scored flight distance at 33.5 kt
    Handicap speed: 53.7 kt [Beta]
    Completed one racetrack circuit

    Hit Sky Soaring at 13:20:33

    Hit Walpole at 13:38:47

    Hit Funny Farm IL at 13:53:12

    Hit Phyllis at 13:57:44

    Hit Sky Soaring at 14:04:03

    Flight passed within 2.0 km of the following waypoints

    13:00:37 to 13:20:37 near: Sky Soaring

    13:38:44 to 13:42:05 near: Walpole

    13:53:09 to 13:55:21 near: Funny Farm IL

    13:57:42 to 14:00:18 near: Phyllis

    14:04:01 to 14:07:54 near: Sky Soaring

    Other Flight Info

    Take off detected at 13:00:37 UTC

    Off tow detected at 13:05:27 UTC

    Take off pressure altitude is 885.8 ft raw

    Altitude correction is 0.0 ft

    Guessing glider type: SGS 1-26D, handicap: 1.6

    Multiple potential types identified as follows: SGS 1-26A (1.65), SGS 1-26B (1.65), SGS 1-26C (1.65), SGS 1-26D (1.6), SGS 1-26E (1.6)

    Update your flight computer for a better match

    Glider ID: MERLIN2

    Pilot: Steve Snyder

    Flight date: 2022-04-09