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Don GrilloDon Grillo

    I’m not very familiar with XCSoar. I used it a few times in 2014 on an small android PDA. I do recall that I needed an extra battery to keep the PDA charged for long flights. Newer devices may not need that extra charging.  I don’t believe that it works on iPhones or apple devices.  The club does own an Oudie that can also be used to load tasks and record your flight and create .IGC files.

    Those of us at the club that are flying xcountry use several different online tools to help us plan our tasks. We use SkySight for weather and SeeYou  for task planing. They are yearly subscriptions. They both interact with each other so you can overlay the forecasted weather over your SeeYou task planner. This helps in planning your task, where the best soaring weather will be. I believe they have free trials as well. You will need to load the northern Illinois waypoints file into SeeYou. That file is available here.