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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

    I’d like to personally thank two special crews of people working together last weekend to do some great, and difficult, needed work.


    Schweizer 1-34R – Lawrence “I’ve got this” Nicolae and John “well, heck” Osborn spent several hours working on the landing gear retract mechanism.  They did battle with some tight spaces, difficult to reach holes, and a mis-machined part that needed some “tweaking”.  Success!   Other work is still needed on the 1-34R (gear doors, refurbish the interior panels, wing gap seal, and repainting would be nice).


    Hangar Structure Repair – You may have noticed daylight coming through in spots where the walls meet the rafters.  This did not sit well with Jim “neat and tidy” Hopkins who took on the project to seal up these areas.  He has been working for several weeks on this project.  With the help of Greg “Acrobatic” Palmer on Saturday the last (?) of the sealing was done and some “sistering” of suspect frames were screwed in place.


    Many thanks to these two teams of “get it done” individuals. Their work falls into the category of finding something that needs to get done and just stepped up to do it.  This is what a CLUB is all about.


    The Sky Soaring board would encourage you spotting something that you want to do.  Let the board know what your plans are (  Donation of inexpensive supplies (and expensive ones too) is something that happens every month by involved members.  Large expenses can be reimbursed with board approval.


    Thanks to everyone that lends a hand at our club.  To paraphrase a famous quotation, “It takes a village to raise a CLUB”.


    See you next Saturday!  We will begin stripping the paint off of Pumpkin’s wings very soon.


    – John DeRosa


    Board of Directors

    Sky Soaring Glider Club