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The TFR is scheduled for 2:15pm – 6:30pm CDT on Wednesday.  The list of impacted airports does not include 55LL, although we might be right on the edge of the 30 NM ring.

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NOTAM FDC 1/3687

A NOTAM has been published that will affect flight in the area during President Biden’s planned visit.



On the NORTHBROOK VOR/DME (OBK) 174 degree radial at 14.8 nautical miles.
From the surface up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL.

2:15 PM CDT until 6:30 PM CDT Wednesday, September 29, 2021



On the NORTHBROOK VOR/DME (OBK) 174 degree radial at 14.8 nautical miles.
From the surface up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL.

2:15 PM CDT until 6:30 PM CDT Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Affected Public Use Airports

KORD Chicago O’Hare International Airport
4H1 Schaumburg Municipal Helistop
KPWK Chicago Exec Airport
06C Schaumburg Regional Airport
KMDW Chicago Midway International Airport
KDPA Dupage Airport
1C5 Bolingbrook’s Clow International Airport

C81 Campbell Airport
3CK Lake in the Hills Airport
KLOT Lewis University Airport
TF8 Tinley Park Helistop
KUGN Waukegan Ntl Airport
KARR Aurora Municipal Airport
KJOT Joliet Regional Airport

Additional Notes:

No UAS operations are authorized in the areas covered by this NOTAM (except as described).

Except as specified below and/or unless authorized by ATC in consultation with the air traffic security coordinator via the domestic events network (DEN):

A. All aircraft operations within the 12 NMR area(s) listed above, known as the inner core(s), are prohibited except for: approved law enforcement, military aircraft directly supporting the United States Secret Service(USSS) and the Office Of The President Of The United States, approved air ambulance flights, and regularly scheduled commercial passenger and all – cargo carriers operating under one of the following TSA – approved standard security programs / procedures and are arriving into and / or departing from 14 CFR part 139 airports: Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program(AOSSP), Full All – Cargo Aircraft Operator Standard Security Program(FACAOSSP), Model Security Program(MSP), Twelve Five Standard Security Program All Cargo(TFSSP – all cargo), or All – Cargo International Security Procedure(ACISP). All emergency / life saving flight(medical / law enforcement / firefighting) operations must coordinate with ATC prior to their departure at 847-608-5642/5641 to avoid potential delays.

B. For operations within the airspace between the 12 NMR and 30 NMR area(s) listed above, known as the outer ring(s): All aircraft operating within the outer ring(s) listed above are limited to aircraft arriving or departing local airfields, and workload permitting, ATC may authorize transit operations. Aircraft may not loiter. All aircraft must be on an active IFR or filed VFR flight plan with a discrete code assigned by an Air Traffic Control (ATC) facility. Aircraft must be squawking the discrete code prior to departure and at all times while in the TFR and must remain in two-way radio communications with ATC.

C. The following operations are not authorized within this TFR: flight training, practice instrument approaches, aerobatic flight, glider operations, seaplane operations, parachute operations, ultralight, hang gliding, balloon operations, agriculture/crop dusting, animal population control flight operations, banner towing operations, sightseeing operations, maintenance test flights, model aircraft operations, model rocketry, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and utility and pipeline survey operations.

D. UAS operators who do not comply with applicable airspace restrictions are warned that pursuant to 10 U.S.C. section 130I and 6 U.S.C. section 124N, the Department Of Defense (DOD), the Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) or the Department Of Justice (DOJ) may take security action that results in the interference, disruption, seizure, damaging, or destruction of unmanned aircraft deemed to pose a credible safety or security threat to protected personnel, facilities, or assets.

E. The System Operations Support Center (SOSC), is the coordination facility for government agencies and is available daily from 0700-2300 eastern, phone 202-267-8276 for coordination.

F. The FAA recommends that all aircraft operators check NOTAMs frequently for possible changes to this TFR prior to operations within this region. Operators may review the TFR details on the internet at or If questions remain, contact flight service at 800-992-7433.

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Have Questions? Please contact the Pilot Information Center at
1-800-USA-AOPA (872-2672)

This TFR email notification is provided as a courtesy and is not an official source to fulfill the pilot in command requirements as stated under 14 CFR 91.103.
For an official briefing please contact Flight Service-1800WXBrief.

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