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    A few final observations on Sunday that I forgot. I was seeing corn stock leaves at 6000′ msl yesterday. It really gets your attention to see a 2 foot corn leaf go whizzing the canopy just a few feet away. At first I thought it was a hawk but on the next turn in that thermal I saw it was a corn stock leaf. I also saw a Paraglider at about 6000′ just north of DeKalb. He was a couple hundred feet lower than I and headed south. Didn’t see him again after that. Finally I landed over the fans and baskets of the balloon operation. They set up on the runway as per their usual routine. Thankfully they moved their vehicles off to the edge of the runway just before I landed. It wasn’t an issue for me as I just landed long, but after hearing all the discussion about “not landing over gliders staged on the runway” at the meeting it seems like we should inform all of our runway users to avoid staging on the runway if there’s a likelihood that the runway could/will get used while they are staged. The solution is to move the balloon operation to the alfalfa field. BTW this is the third time I have landed when the balloon operation has been either setting up or fully set up but not launched. John Lincoln

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