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    Well fairly good wasn’t a good description. Very good fit better. At least after you got over 4000 AGL. I found a lot of 4 to 8 knot lift above 4k. Below you would be scratching and I did some of that too. I managed to get to Poplar Grove, 12 miles SW of DeKalb, up to Dacy, back to DeKalb and finished back at SSI. 153 miles. Highest I got was 7000 msl. There were 14 flights total. And 5 were scenic rides. So a very good day for SSI in my book. Don and Mark did the towing, John Scott gave some rides. I wasn’t on the ground to see all that went on so this is word of mouth. The only low point was Jimbob had a flat tire on 401 and wasn’t able to get it fixed in time to fly. BTW his 195 is beautiful! I only got to see it in passing but what a stunner. Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to look inside. The next couple of days don’t look very good but Wednesday and Thursday don’t look bad at all. Blue is the only problem with them. Hopefully we’ll be able to get in some more flying before the season ends. John Lincoln