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Well, today was a good day. Maybe not as good as forecast but a good all around. Most, but not all of the grass is mowed. Work needs to be done around the tiedowns. The following were present and accounted for. Lincoln, Slocum, Legenza (plus Pete as always helpful), Hurd, Nicolae, John Scott always willing to tow, and myself. Times varied from 9 mins to 3:47 (never guess who that was). 4 additional were over 1 hour with Nick just scratching the 2 hour mark in the 1-26. Altogether 9 flights. Special mention to JimBob for attempting to fly his 1-26 back to Poplar Grove. Alas, it was not to be. Stay tuned for more. As a result we had a Schweizer reunion gaggle at one point with 2 1-26s and the 1-34. Video to follow. We were also joined by the Ventus and a 737 at one point.




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