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Larry KrengelLarry Krengel

This glider belonged to Marti Neibur who was a member of Sky Soaring with his wife, Marianne, some years back.  Marti died earlier this year after a long struggle with a number of difficult conditions.  Marianne died of cancer back when they were members of Sky Soaring ( twenty years ago??).  After her death Marti donated the money to the club to build the deck on the south side of the hangar in her memory – Marianne’s deck.  They were both great people and always an asset to Sky Soaring.


An interesting sidelight… the first winch at Sky Soaring was brought to the field by Marti.  It was homemade, but had launched gliders elsewhere – nothing as impressive as our present winch.  It waited at the field for the interest to fly with it, interest that did not arrive.  After Marianne’s death Marti moved to Wisconsin and took the winch with him.  I don’t know if it was ever used after that.


Larry Krengel



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