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    Another weekend, another flight (or 2).

    Saturday. Forecast was less than inviting but several members showed up to work on projects. Turns out to be a rather nice day with 8 flights logged.

    Sunday. Interesting to say the least. Great start to the day. Mostly sunny with NE winds then clouds moving in from the west and the wind increasing. By 4:00 it was cold. 12 flights total. And we had no power at the hanger sometime around noon. Turns out a car knocked over a power pole on Rt 20 down by the church and ComEd spent the afternoon fixing it. Well, without power there is no pump for the fuel tank. Thanks to my friend and guest for the day who just happened to have an inverter wired into his car we were able to refuel and continue flying. The power was back at 5:00 just as we were closing up shop.

    Big thanks to the many towpilots this weekend. We couldn’t do this without you.

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