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Title: General Discussion, Weekend rap-up


So, how was your weekend? If you were at sky Soaring it would have looked like this.


11 flights total. Several Spring check-outs and WINGS credits. A couple of students shaking off some rust. Highlight of the day: Petr off somewhere in the 1-34 for 1:32.


13 flights total. More checkouts and WINGS credits. Nick soloed for his 1st in 2021. Watch for his private sometime this year! A scenic ride was given to a lady who really enjoyed her flight. Petr, again. This time in the PW-5. How did he do? You will just have to ask him. Special visit from Dick Mendrella. More news on the 1-35 next month.


5 flights total. Really? Where were you? 2 FAAST rides with potential new members. A flight given to long time member Paul LeTourneau. Great to see Paul and his wife again. The highlight you ask? NOT Petr. Someone ask John Dudlak what he was up to on his two flights. Hint. ITS COLD up there.

Thanks to Don and Geoff for towing and Mark and John Scott for doing rides. And if you have read this far, stayed tuned for more. There will be better and earlier alerts to future fly days coming.

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