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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

Dear SSI Members,


I have heard via text from Kevin Sheridan that he is now at a rehabilitation center and told me, “I seem to be feeling better now.  Have quite a few appointments.  Long road ahead.”  We all wish Kevin our best wishes and our fervent hope for a quick recovery.


Due to this unfortunate accident Sky Soaring’s liability insurance carrier has engaged a Chicago area attorney on our club’s behalf to help provide advice and to assist Sky Soaring’s interests. The Sky Soaring Board of Directors has been working closely with this attorney and are responding to his requests as they arise.


Here are some key directives from Sky Soaring’s attorney;  All physical items related to the accident (e.g. winch equipment, glider, etc.) are to be kept secured and should not be disturbed or handled in any manner at this time without permission from our attorney. Also, please bear in mind that your interests as a SSI member are also being represented by our attorney. We thus recommend that you discuss with our attorney any information about the accident which you believe to be pertinent and also that you do not speculate or conjecture about the accident with anyone. Members of our club who did not actually witness the accident should refrain from speculating about what happened and not share comments about what they heard happened.

Please contact myself directly via phone or email if you have any input, questions, or comments.


Thank You,

John DeRosa
President, Sky Soaring Glider Club