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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

I understand that in the last few days that Kevin Sheridan has had surgery on his knee.  I don’t have any further information.


Over the weekend Sky Soaring was visited at the airport by a representation of an attorney’s office that is representing Kevin.  We were provided with a document asking for us to keep all relevant documentation.  Our insurance company has been informed.


At this point it is important that Sky Soaring’ membership does not communicate with any non-governmental organization, or individual, unless directed by our insurance company.  In the case of governmental organizations you should not offer information unless you were a direct witness to this unfortunate accident.  It is important to factually answer the questions asked without offering opinion.


Going forward if you are contacted by anyone concerning this unfortunate accident, please provide the who/what/where information to a member of the board.


Thank You,

John DeRosa

President, SSI