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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

I haven’t written to you as yet about this accident waiting for the emotions to settle down. This is terrible in many ways and especially so for our fellow members Steve Synder and Kevin Sheridan.


As you know Kevin is in the hospital with injuries, the most serious as I understand it is to his knee. I have spoken with Kevin’s brother Terry who has been giving me updates. Kevin had surgery yesterday which Terry told me went, “Good”. I did leave a voice mail for Kevin two days ago and got a middle of the night reply saying there was a lot of pain. Terry says that at this time Kevin doesn’t desire visitors plus there are Covid-19 restrictions. Today I left Kevin a short text message to say we all are thinking about him. Kevin may be in the hospital for an extended stay so if you can send him a card or letter I know that he would appreciate it.


Advocate Sherman Hospital
Room 41124
1425 North Randall Rd
Elgin, IL 60123


Steve was discharged from the hospital after that accident and is recovering at home. Lots of bruises with many aches and pains.


While I am in Minnesota with Don Grillo, Vice President John Osborne has been handling things at the field with the help of John Lincoln and Jim Hopkins. Contact any of the board with your questions.


Obviously, the FAA, NTSB and our insurance company have all been notified and the investigation by the NTSB has started.


Safety has been the overreaching topic and direction this year at Sky Soaring.  Just yesterday I sat through a very instructive presentation on glider accidents and it was very difficult to listen to the statistics which we have just added to. I wish I could tell you how this terrible accident will impact our club in the short and the long term. What may change? Will the club survive? I will try to keep you up to date with what I know as I know it.


Please keep Kevin and Steve in your thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery.


John DeRosa
President, Sky Soaring Glider Club