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Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

    This could be a long report but then you might not read it so Part 1:

    Great flying for the last 3 days. Monday Larry and Tim teamed up and did 5 flights with 2 students. Tuesday there were 12 flights with John L leading the way at just under 4 hours and John De at 2.5. Nick the Rising Star flew the 1-26 for 1 hours. Thanks to Don and John S for towing. Lift was reported in excess of 7500 msl. Wednesday more of the same. 8 flights recorded, 5 over 1 hr and the longest at 2:08. Lift was strong as high as 9500 msl. Kevin, Andy and Denny were introduced to landing on 09. Thanks Don for towing.

    More to follow.