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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa
This would be a VERY good price for a good ship for an individual or partnership of 2 people.  There are four other 1-35’s listed at for $2K to $4K over the $12K asking
price.  Plus it is here in Chicago and you don’t have to drive half way
across the country to bring it home.  ONE IMPORTANT COMMENT – it does not have spoilers – you land using flaps only for glide path control.
I believe it was recently refinished.  It deserves a look for anyone thinking of buying their own ship.  It may go fast once it is listed.
The 1-35 is the last in the line of Schweizer single place ships (discounting the limited production of the 1-36 Sprite).  It is a 15m T-tail ship and a step up from the 1-34 in performance. Best glide ration if 38:1.  As it is all metal (except for control surfaces) it can be tied out instead of rigging each day as the glass ships must do. 

Questions to ask are;

– Is it in annual?  Probably not but not a big deal to get that done ($150).  Get this done before purchase. 
– What instruments does it have?  Any avionics (vario, radio)?
– Where is it currently stored?  I believe that it may be the furthest east trailer.  Unlocked?  Take a peek.

– Which model (1-35, 1-35A or 1-35C)?  The first two models have retractable gear.

– What is the tail number as I don’t see a 1-35 FAA registered in IL?  Why is that?  It may have gone so long without renewing the registration that the FAA removed it.  I’m unsure how that may complicate things.
See Steve Snyder for Mendrella’s contact information.
John H DeRosa

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