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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

Many thanks for everyone’s help on Sunday.  We got some of Don’s list completed.


– Gary “Machinist” Palumbo* finished painting the final three coats onto the Pawnee’s fabric repair.  Looks great.

– Steve “Water” Snyder led a team of Mark “Rope” Reich and John “Sailor” Dudlak moving along the creek pulling out logs and trash.  Actually Steve was in the middle of the creek in hip waders.  This should help water flow and prevent any potential flooding.

– Don “Boss” Grillo and Jim “Brush” Hopkins removed brush along the runway.

– The burn pile was “cleaned” of all the metal (please don’t do that) and loaded up with limbs and such.

– Some rodents are on their way to eviction.

– The Lark’s tail dolly wheel was replaced with one that won’t go flat.  But it was too windy to assemble it.

– General clean up.  The trash gondola is full already again and it was just emptied!


Another spring work day is in the offing.  Watch for it.  Volunteerism is part of club life.  We can’t get by without you.



John DeRosa

Sky Soaring President



* Gary “Machinist” Palumbo is also Gary “Instructor” Palumbo and Gary “Tow Pilot” Palumbo.  Many hats worn by this guy!