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John DeRosaJohn DeRosa

    Below is our agenda for tonight’s meeting.  I’m unsure if the dump from MS Word will mess up the formatting.


    SSI Membership Meeting

    February 24, 2021





    • Open Meeting
    • Board Member Roll Call
      • John DeRosa
      • John Osborn
      • Steve Snyder
      • Jim Hopkins
      • John Lincoln
      • Don Grillo
    • President – John DeRosa
      • Meeting opening welcome
      • Review/approval of meeting minutes (available on the SSI web site)
      • Covid-19
        • Hope everyone is well and will soon have their vaccine shot.
        • We still require masks to be worn at all times while at Sky Soaring unless practicing social distancing. Hopefully this will change soon.
      • Safety Initiatives Committee Report
        • Created a report on what safety initiatives that we have going on and sent to Costello insurance
        • Received positive feedback from Costello that this should help our insurance renewal.
      • Chicagoland Glider Council Seminar – February 27<sup>th</sup>
      • Scholarships – CLGC and SSA available
      • Membership survey to be released during early March
      • Volunteerism
    • Vice President – John Osborn
      • Finance sub-committee report
        • Engine rebuild fund $20K.
        • Promissory Note – $80K
      • New Member Coordination
    • Finance – Steve Snyder
      • Engine Rebuild Fund
        • Goal: $33K-$35K
        • Current: $21,714
        • Donations and New Patron Memberships
      • Audit
        • Per the bylaws we need a yearly audit for the previous year (due between January 1st and the annual meeting in November)
        • Last one performed – 2017
        • Need a non-board member to assist with the audit
      • Tow pilots and instructors
        • Dues offset reduction to 50% earned in 2021 for dues payable in 2022
        • SSA and CLGC dues ($85) to be paid
      • Secretary – Jim Hopkins
        • January’s membership meeting minutes are up on the SSI web site.
      • Maintenance Chairman – John Lincoln
        • Glider annuals
        • Tow plane annual
        • Other ongoing repair work
        • Runway “widening” work
        • Winch mule gas line repair
        • New front gate lock
      • Flight Chairman
        • Blue Book
        • Policies and Procedures manual updates
        • Training syllabus
        • Safety
          • Safety reporting system
          • Safety officer
        • Winch Team Volunteer
        • GSO
      • Old Business
        • None
      • New Business
        • Instructor and Tow Pilot’s dues offsets reduction – open comments.
      • Close meeting