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Petr FolwarcznyPetr Folwarczny

I liked Mark’s funny story. I would probably make the same decision, just inform the examiner that I will choose a different spot for landing. I agree that the question in the test was asked very generally. I already forgot what I answered, but it was right! For our situation in our club, I don’t think we always have enough time and people(!) to move away the planes they are ready¬† to take off. Sometimes when the planes are ready to take off it takes toooo long for it happen. Less talking and more concentration on the start is also one of the ways to speed up the take off process. If the aircrafts are ready to take off and another glider is on final approach, the landing glider will land so that it has an extra height (altitude) above standing aircrafts and will make a longer landing. I don’t see anything dangerous in that.