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John LincolnJohn Lincoln

This is an interesting problem for SSI. I have been in the glider ready for a tow when a glider landing came in over me. It’s an especially uncomfortable situation. Don’s aforementioned heavy sink scenario is an all to real happenstance. At SSI with the wider taxiway that we should have next spring it should be possible to stage the glider on one side of the runway/taxiway while a landing glider stays on the side NOT occupied by the staged glider. I have seen this done at other locations without problems. We would have to retrain our pilots to the new method but safety would certainly be greatly enhanced.

A different take on this issue at SSI is: Anyone seen landing over a staged glider should receive retraining. At SSI, with a minimum of 2400 feet of runway there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to fly over a staged glider at the end of the runway. The landing pilot must land long. That is the only safe and responsible landing option compared to possibly landing on top of another staged glider. This is an example of “convenience” being put ahead of safety.