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      Don GrilloDon Grillo

        The 55LL Yahoo group email communication channel is shutting down on April 30th and will be replaced by the skysoaring.com Forum facility.

        Why You Need to Whitelist webmaster@skysoaring.com:

        Emails sent from other members through the Forum come to your email inbasket from webmaster@skysoaring.com. These will probably end up in your spam folder unless you whitelist webmaster@skysoaring.com in your email service.

        To whitelist webmaster@skysoaring.com, please follow the set of instructions below for the email client/app that you use:

        Apple iPhone / iPad

        • Open the email
        • Tap the sender’s name in the ‘From’ line
        • On the next screen, tap ‘Create New Contact’
        • Tap ‘Done’

        Microsoft Outlook 2013

        • Right-click on the email that you would like to add to your safe
          sender list
        • Hover over ‘Junk’ and then click the option ‘Never Block Sender’


        • Tap to open the email
        • Tap the icon next to the email address
        • Tap ‘OK’

        Apple Mail

        • Right-click on the sender’s email address
        • Select ‘Add to Contacts’ or ‘Add to VIPs’


        • Click and drag the email into the Primary tab
        • Click ‘Yes’ to confirm
        • If you don’t use the primary tab feature, create an email filter that stops webmaster@skysoaring.com emails from going to spam. If you need help with that, please contact Mike Hurd m.d.hurd@gmail.com.

        Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail)

        • Open the email
        • Click on the sender
        • Click on the three dots (menu) to see more options
        • Click ‘Add to contacts’

        Yahoo! Mail

        • Right-click the email
        • Select ‘Add Sender to Contacts’
        • Click ‘Save’

        Don Grillo is heading up the website migration project. Additional Forum user instructions are viewable in the Forum. If you have any questions about this specific instructional memo feel free to contact me directly: Mike Hurd m.d.hurd@gmail.com

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