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    Mark MallamoMark Mallamo

    As they say, any landing you can walk away from…

    Don GrilloDon Grillo

    I made a video of John and my flight that we flew on Monday. John is OMH and I am F2.

    We went from Sky Soaring to Poplar Grove to Dacy and back to Sky Soaring. About an hour and 15 minute flight. We flew together as a team. What you don’t see are the clouds. We had scattered clouds at 4500 feet MSL and light winds out of the WNW.
    This video is made using the SeeYou software that uses our IGC data file recorded by our onboard GPS flight recorders.  I have posted it on our website photo gallery here: or on Youtube here:  

    Music is by YES.

    Art SilvermanArt Silverman

    I saw the video and it’s great.  Can you post it on our web page??

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    Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

    Nice software. Do either of your private ships have on-board electronics that will notify you of other gliders on 1202 code, or GA on 1200?   D.B.

    Don GrilloDon Grillo

    Yes Denny. We both have displays that show ADS-B, transponder and flarm traffic. Flarm is a glider only short range transponder. 

    — Don 

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