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Notice of The SSI Annual Meeting for 2019

The 2019 Annual meeting will be held at the Village Inn in
Huntley (1173 Main Street) on Saturday November 16. Breakfast will
be available starting at 8:00 am and the meeting will start at
9:00 am. Members of the current SSI Board of Directors will report
on the past year as it affected their areas of responsibility and
discuss plans for the coming year. All Club members are encouraged
to attend this important meeting.

A key element of the meeting will be the vote for the 2020 SSI
Board of Directors. Those Club members eligible to vote and serve
on the SSI Board must be either Patron Members or hold at least
one share of the Sky Soaring LLC.. Ballots will be available at
the meeting and are also included with this e-mail. Eligible
members who cannot attend the meeting may vote via e-mail or mail
using the proxy included with the e-mail ballot. All of the
current Directors have agreed to stand for election with the
exception of the Club Secretary. Tim Ponsot has been nominated for
the Secretary position. Nominations for any Director Position may
be submitted to the Club Secretary at any time prior to the vote
on Saturday.

Lets have a good turnout this year.

John Osborn
Secretary Sky Soaring Inc.


Sky Soaring Inc.
Board of Directors Ballot 2019

The Annual Meeting of Sky Soaring Inc. (The Club) will be held on
Saturday, November 16, 2019. In order to have a quorum for the
meeting, as called for by the SSI Constitution and Bylaws, a
minimum of 25% of the Club members, eligible to vote, must be
represented either in person or by proxy. Eligible members are
either Patron Members or members holding at least one Sky Soaring
LLC share. This proxy and ballot will serve to assure that a
quorum is present for the meeting.

Eligible members are encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting
where ballots like the one shown below will be
. Eligible members who are unable to
attend the meeting are encouraged to vote by submitting this
ballot with its signed proxy (see below). The proxy allows members
to designate either the current Board or another eligible member
to vote on their behalf.

Eligible members should vote for the candidates of their choice
as shown on the Ballot below. “Write In” votes are allowed for
candidates not on the Ballot. Write In Candidates must be eligible

To vote for your choice of candidates mark an X next to the name
of the candidate:

Write In Candidates
President                                 Larry Kase        _____
Vice President                        Art Silverman  _____        
Secretary                                 Tim Ponsot       _____  
Treasurer                                Steve Snyder    _____    
Flight Chair                            Mark Mallamo _____        
Maintenance Chair               Don Grillo         _____          


To have the current Board of Directors or another LLC member vote
for you use the following proxy:

I hereby appoint (mark only one) the [ ] SSI Board of Directors
or [ ] _____________________________________________,
a current eligible voting member, to submit my vote for the 2019
SSI Board of Directors.

Name:____________________________________ (print name)

Signature: _________________________________ (the proxy must be
signed to be valid)

Please complete this proxy and mail to the Club Secretary:

John Osborn                                                      
                       or  e-mail to
11800 Oakridge Road
Caledonia, Illinois 61011