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These are good questions.  While I have not asked Pat Costello myself about our use of “Day Membership” rides, I do know that a previous board has asked these same questions. Nearly every glider club in the nation offers these types of rides as a money making activity.  Because this activity is commercial-like in function Sky Soaring instituted maybe 8 or more years ago  that only commercial rated glider pilots may take up day members.  We also have each day member sign a carefully written liability release.  As to non-SSI members remaining safe we must always ask them to not wander around, to stay on the deck, move away from gliders actively being launched, be aware of their surroundings, etc, and this needs to continue – and even more so for winching as there are fewer places for anyone, members and non-members alike, to stand safely during a launch and these safe areas need to be delineated.
Thanks again.
John H DeRosa
President, Sky Soaring glider Club