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Steven SnyderSteven Snyder

To the members of Sky Soaring


Sorry I was not able to attend the club meeting. I look forward to reading the recap when it’s available.


As expected the winch was a popular topic although not the only nor the most important one. Also, the financial state of the club is a high priority, in particular preparing for the Pawnee engine overhaul and the financing of the Share Buyback program. These will be dealt with this coming Fall but at this time we are well on our way to reaching the overhaul fund goal of $33,000.00. Please consider donating to the fund if you are able to including becoming a Patron Member.


As for the winch, here are my thoughts.


  1. As a pilot, I enjoy it. I spent my time and money to travel out of state to receive my endorsement so I would see how winching is done elsewhere. I look forward to Spring when the thermals are booming and we can get away from the field on a 1k foot launch.
  2. As an instructor, I see the value of a pilot rated or not learning how to expect and react to low level situations including but not limited to premature releases. With the confidence to know what to do the successful recovery is much easier to accomplish.
  3. As the club Treasurer, I have a responsibility to see that we are fiscally sound. Now that the winch loan is paid off our only expense is the insurance we pay and the fuel to run it, the truck and the Mule plus miscellaneous supplies such as rope and weak links. If we budget at the high end of my estimate of $600.00 per year how many flights do we need? Keep in mind, if you fly dual, that is $20.00 per launch and solo $10.00 per launch. Assuming 75% of the launches are dual, 22 flights brings in $440.00 and 15 solo flights brings in $150.00 to equal $590.00. Add to the mix several non-member launches @ $50.00 each and the required number drops dramatically. Is there any reason short of a total Covid shutdown that we as a club could not do 40 winch launches in a season? We should be able to log over 200 if we get serious about it and make a commitment.


Now, as for safety. This is a hot topic and it needs to be addressed. Keep in mind, safety is not limited to the winch. Yes there are areas that need improvement. How many times did the rope and rigging land on or near the hanger? If it hits someone’s car or worse yet a bystander that is one time too many. So that needs to be corrected. The same can be said of an aerotow coming in too low or a glider overrunning the stop point on landing. We all need to improve on the everyday operations and I am encouraged to see that steps are being taken.


If you read this far, I thank you. Let’s all pull together and work to make Sky Soaring the best glider club in the country.


Steven Snyder CFI-G

Treasurer, Sky Soaring Glider Club




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