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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Hello Flight Instructors,

I have asked for input on using a training syllabus. Thanks Tim for your positive input and one of our other instructors commented via email to me.

We will move ahead this spring by incorporating the use of Bob Wanders, Flight Training Handbook and Syllabus.  All new student members will be required to purchase this handbook (the club may purchase copies to have on hand.)  In the back of the book is a syllabus that is filled out by the instructor before and after each section has been completed (see photo). This will help keep track of where the student is in regard to his/her training. This will also make it easier for the CFIG to concentrate on lesson plans that need to be completed by the student as well.

As shown below is a lesson plan with the corresponding Progress Record.  The Instructor Copy is on hard stock paper and is removable which can then be placed in the students office folder.

Bob Wanders Handbook & Syllabus