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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Now that the Sky Soaring webcam is up and running, I’ve had to make a few changes to the settings. The camera’s are HiDef resolution but I’ve had to degrade the resolution to a lower 1280×720 because the bandwidth at the hangar is inadequate to stream that much data without being chopped up.  I have noticed that during the daytime the video stream is still somewhat choppy but at nighttime the stream is steady. I equate that to being our webhost is on a shared system. Meaning we are sharing bandwidth with our neighbors in the subdivision behind the airfield. (The more people using the internet the slower the system is.)

Cell Phone apps:  If you are having difficulty getting your cell phone app to connect to the camera’s, you may have to wait until you are out at the field and using the skysoaring wifi. Once you are connected to the wifi, run your app. It should find the camera’s and connect to them.  If you have difficulty, leave a message and we will try and solve the issue.  I’ve been able to connect to the camera’s using my iPhone, macbook and windows PC (using internet explorer and the Avant browsers).

You’ll find the instructions to login to the camera’s at the top of this thread on the website message forum.

Stay Safe,
Don Grillo