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Don GrilloDon Grillo

    I am currently in Florida and participating in the Seniors Soaring competition doing ground operations.  The contest is continuing despite the Covid-19 outbreak.  Some of us are wearing gloves while we handle gliders, others are using hand sanitizer frequently .  They are sending out the morning pilot briefing notes via email instead of having a pilot meeting.  So far only a few pilots have left or did not come at all to the contest.  So far, everything is going well.  We are not shaking hands and trying to stay a few feet away from people. There is no panic here. Smooth operations.

    There are precautions we can take at the club like wearing gloves. Have plenty of hand sanitizer on hand. Wiping down the control sticks with clorox wipes after each use.  Hand held radios can also be wiped. I think flying our two place gliders will not be a problem as long as we follow some common sense procedures to limit any exposure.
    Members should Follow the guidelines the CDC has recommended about self isolation and quarantine if needed. Don’t come to the club if you are sick.
    Day member rides can also be safely conducted after interviewing the rider about any health issues past or present.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
    Don Grillo