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Dennis BurkeDennis Burke

Don, possibly the “trickle” charge system, on the winch side, may be the culprit.  I wasn’t involved in the system design for the winch communications…..maybe Doug T,  Tim P. or John D. could chime in.  Possibly the charger , on the winch for the Phone comm, is not hooked up correctly.

Hopefully, the winch-side charger was made for that Phone. Its battery is only 3.8volt, rechargeable, and the voltage converter in the winch-side charger will take winch 12V and convert to 4V or 5V……enough to be slightly higher than 3.8V to get the battery charged up.

As noted, the Launch Director phone Recharger Stand only requires 5 volts input for its trickler method.

Thx, Den