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Sorry I missed that part.

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Since I won’t be available on Sunday here is the latest Soaring Report from 55LL from Friday and Saturday.

Friday: 10 flights. Under windy conditions there were several training flights. Congrats to Kevin for his 52 min flight in Stars and Stripes. Challenging conditions made easy! 4 more flights over 30 mins and a Great Demonstration from Mr Scott on how to fly a downwind while facing the runway. Wish I had a video of this amazing feat.

Saturday: 13 flights with 4 guest visiting with gift certificates plus a special guest who was writing a follow up story on Mr Scott’s amazing act from yesterday.  Look for it in the Marine Corp Times! And further news, our very own Nick has soloed the 1-26 with not 1 but 2 flights in excess of 1 hour. Looking forward to a checkride in late July. 6 other flights were 30 mins or more.

Thanks to all that came out and found a way to contribute to the club.

See you next week.

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