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Don GrilloDon Grillo

Denny wrote: Wing Runner notices a sailplane on BASE LEG for landing. SSF answer: TP and sailplane to be moved off runway. This choice seems difficult to perform in the short time (~40 sec) remaining in the landing sequence,

Hi Denny,

I noticed that question and answer too.  The towplane can be moved easily by disconnecting from the glider and taxing off to the side of the runway.  Moving the glider off the runway quickly is another matter. In a case like that it may be wise to have the towplane move and ask the pilot/s of the glider to get out of the cockpit and stand clear.  We have encountered this same scenario at Sky Soaring too. It is a bit disconcerting when a landing glider flies directly over the top of a waiting glider on the grid by 20 or 30 feet.  If the landing glider hit a pocket of heavy sink on short final, it’s possible they would not be able to clear the waiting glider.  What is the solution?  One, would be to not move the next glider into takeoff position until all factors are ready ie; glider and its pilots ready, towplane running and ready, wing runner ready, runway clear.
What do you think?