Sky Soaring airport is located in the beautiful Hampshire countryside 45 minutes northwest of Chicago. Take the Northwest Tollway (190) west from Chicago to Rt. 20 Marengo. Go west on Rt. 20 for 1/4 mile our driveway is on the right. See map and directions.
Field office: 847-683-7627
Email: Info@skysoaring.com
Sky Soaring flys from April 1 through November 15 (weather permitting) on Saturdays, Sundays and many weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please call the field office before leaving home.
  • The club is all about sharing the fun of flying gliders with friends and family.  We sponsor planned social events throughout the year but every day provides an opportunity to participate in the sport - and build friendships in the process!   
  • Location.  Wouldn't you rather be flying than driving? Our private field is only 45 minutes northwest of Chicago on Interstate 90 (see map).
  • The club has nine FAA certified flight instructors and fifteen tow pilots.
  • Members have free use of the club's five gliders. No rental fees!  
  • Members who want to take a check-ride test invite an FAA Flight Examiner to the field for licensing check rides.
  • Sky Soaring has a 2,600 ft. grass runway, a hangar, pilot's club room, and free tie-down and trailer space for privately owned gliders.
  • Safety first.  Our airport is privately owned and is not a busy commercial operation. It has no pattern congestion with power planes and no air space intrusion by sport parachutists. 
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